The 6 basic types of shoes Every Lady must have are:

There are so many types of ladies shoes out there. They come in different colours, designs, shapes, patterns even. In this article, we have categorized them into 6 basic types of shoes every lady must-have.


Flats are a great way to be comfortable but not look too casual at the same time. Every lady who owns one can wear flats with almost any style of clothing.


Every lady should own a pair of sneakers. They can be paired with anything from a pair of jeans down to a dress. The best part is they are extremely comfortable and come in various designs.


Heels have evolved and come in different styles, colours, shapes. Every lady should own a pair of heels to bring out her feminine side. You can get a comfortable pair of heels or if you want to make a bold statement with your heels, get the ones that have amazing details.


Slippers or flip flops come in different designs. They are perfect for just moving around casually. It is also a great choice for when you don’t feel like wearing shoes.


These are great for the summertime. They are very comfortable as well. Every lady must have one to suit her unique personality. They also come in various colours and designs.


Every lady needs a pair of boots to bring out her bold and creative side. Boots are very fashionable. It can be worn with almost any outfit from jeans to a dress and even shorts! They always have a way of adding class to your style. Boots are equally great for women during the winter season.

Which of these shoes is your favourite? Drop a comment below and tell us.

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