How to Set Up a Bakery in Nigeria

Owning a bakery is a viable business you can invest your time and resources into in Nigeria. It is one business that will always make you a huge profit. Bread is one of the most popular staple foods in Nigeria. This is because it is affordable and easy to access. Many persons make a lot of money from baking and selling bread because bread has a high demand and high turnover rate. If you are thinking of the next business venture to invest in, I think owning a bakery should be top on your list. Set Up a Bakery in Nigeria by following these steps:


Set Up a Bakery in Nigeria

1. Acquire the Skill

Bread making is a skill you must have. You cannot own and manage a successful bakery without acquiring this skill. This can be done by getting enrolled in a confectionary school where you will be exposed to both theoretical and practical knowledge. You can also get employed by an established bakery to learn all the skills needed for baking bread and managing a bakery. This is called an apprenticeship. Whichever one you choose, gaining practical knowledge will help you achieve the needed expertise to ensure success in your business.

Set Up a Bakery in Nigeria

2. Feasibility Study

You will also need to draw up a plan for your business. This should highlight all you need for the business including the estimated business capital and the equipment/facilities. Drawing up a business feasibility study should help you lay out all you need for your business. It will also give you an opportunity to create proposals and business plans.

Set Up a Bakery in Nigeria

3. Raising Capital

The amount of money that you need depends on your business scale. Usually, your business capital should be between NGN 200,000 to NGN 2.5 million depending on the size. You can raise business funds from venture capitals, friends, and family or your savings.

Set Up a Bakery in Nigeria

4. Choose your Business Location

The location of your bakery goes a long way toward determining if your customer base is right. When choosing your location, one thing to consider is how easy it is for potential business clients to reach you. How easy it is to source raw materials. However, if you are sure that you will invest a lot of time in business marketing, publicity and establish a reliable supply mechanism for your bakery, then you may choose to situate your bakery at any location of your choice.

Set Up a Bakery in Nigeria

5. Equipment

The following equipment is necessary for your bakery:
Industrial or Standard Bakery Oven; depending on your business scale You can start with a smaller oven.
Flour Mixer. You can make use of the local mixer or the standard electronic mixer
Slicing Machine
Baking Pans
Branded Bread Wrappers for packing the baked bread
Generator (We know how the power supply situation in Nigeria is)
Delivery Vans

Finally, get certified by applying for approval from the Health and Standard regulatory boards in the country, that is, NAFDAC and the Standard Organisation of Nigeria.

Set Up a Bakery in Nigeria

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