How Nigerians Can Get a Visa to Austria

Learn how Nigerians can get a visa to Austria in this article. We take you through all the necessary information required to procure a visa.

About Austria

The Republic of Austria is a country mainly covered in land and has an estimated population of over 8.66 million people in Central Europe. The territory of Austria covers 83,879 square kilometres.
Its’ capital and also its largest city is Vienna. The city is sometimes known as the city of music and has counted notable personalities like Mozart, Strauss, and Sigmund Freud among its residents.

Types of Austrian Visa

  1. Short-term Schengen visa (maximum stay of 90 days)
  2. Long Term visa

Necessary Requirements

Below are the necessary documents to be provided by Nigerians who wish to travel to Austria for business purposes. Please note that original documents along with a complete set of photocopies should be submitted.

  1. Copy of the appropriate flight schedules with dates and flight numbers specifying arrival and departure.
  2. Proof of financial strength, the applicant is to provide a Bank Statement or account balance over the last 3 months at most.
  3. Travel medical insurance that covers the whole period of intended stay, valid for all Schengen States and covering any expenses which might come up based on repatriation for medical reasons, urgent medical attention, emergency hospital treatment or death during the stay. The minimum coverage must be 30.000 EUR. General waiver is only available for holders of diplomatic passports.
  4. Invitation letter from the company based in Austria. The letter should contain all important personal data of the applicant and clearly state the purpose of the visit, and duration of stay.  There should also be a declaration of liability which can be gotten from the Austrian Alien police of the Austrian Authority.
  5. TCC (Tax Clearance Certificate) + Certificate of Business Incorporation (certificate of registration of a company or business) should be provided if the applicant is self-employed.
  6. Proof of commercial activities in Nigeria and recent business contacts, the continuation of the commercial relationship with the company that invites (contracts, bills, commercial correspondence, etc.).
  7. In the event of participation in conferences, fairs, seminars, congresses, etc. Please provide:
  • An invitation from a company or an authorized body to attend events connected with trade, industry, or work.
  • Entry tickets for events, if necessary.
  • Other documents show the existence of trade or work relations.

Where To Go

Austria Embassy Located in Abuja

Address: Plot 9, Usuma Street, Maitama, Abuja.
Tel: +234-706-4183226
Email Address: [email protected]
Official Website:

For more details regarding all types of visas, please visit the official website of the Austrian Embassy in Nigeria,

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