How Nigerians Can Get a Visa to Equatorial Guinea

Are you interested in visiting Equatorial Guinea? Then continue reading this article to learn how Nigerians can get a visa to Equatorial Guinea.

About Equatorial Guinea

Equatorial Guinea is a beautiful country located in West Africa, which has the mainland and the islands as its two parts. It happens to be one of the biggest oil-producing countries in the Sub-Sahara, just behind Angola and Nigeria. Equatorial Guinea used to be part of the Spanish colony and borders Cameroon and Gabon.  Malabo is the capital, which is on Bioko Island. Central African CFA franc is the currency the country uses, and French, Spanish and Portuguese are the official languages spoken.

Equatorial Guinea happens to have two different and very noticeable seasons: dry and rainy seasons. The wettest months of the year are from April to October, and December to March are the driest. It has a beautiful beach called the  Arena Blanca beach which draws dry-season butterflies. The tropical forest of the mainlands Monte Alen National Park is home to a lot of gorillas, elephants, and chimpanzees.

Types of Visa

There are various types of visas available for anyone who intends to travel, and this is based on the reason for traveling.

  1. Tourist Visa
  2. Business Visa
  3. Work Visa
  4. Visit Visa

Necessary Requirements

Below is a list of essential documents you would need to apply for an Equatorial Guinea business visa.

1. Visa application form filled and signed.

2. Recent passport-sized photographs which capture the entire face with a bright background are needed.

3. International passport with validity goes beyond the expected return date, with at least two blank pages.

4. Copy of the passport data sheet (page on which the photo is located).

5. Copies of your previous visas (if any); will prove that you’ve had past travel experience.

6. A cover letter must be provided which states the reason for the visit and schedules.

7. Flight schedules with dates and flight numbers specifying entry and exit from Equatorial Guinea.

8. Evidence of health insurance covering foreign travel

9. It is usually required that one provides proof of smallpox, yellow fever, and cholera vaccinations.

10. Hotel reservation/ accommodation information for the duration of the intended stay.

11. Proof of your civil status (birth certificate of children, marriage certificate, and death certificate of spouse if necessary).

12. Proof of legitimate stay (if the application is not presented in the applicant’s home country).

13. Evidence of enough financial means for the duration of the visit.

14.Original Business letter, signed by the inviting company on the company letter paper, providing information about the travel purpose.

15.Evidence of past trade relations between the two companies, if such document is available.

16.Certificate of employment if the candidate is employed because it is necessary.

17.Please submit evidence of your retirement fund if you are retired.

18.A certificate from your employer granting your business permission to travel if you are employed.

19.Trade register extract or something like that (for self-employed).

20.Bank statement for the past three months to prove the client has a steady flow of income.

21.Proof of group travel (if you are traveling in a group).

22.Trade License (first issued and present renewal).

23.Visa fees because Visa is not free

According to each case, the competent embassy may request additional documents.

Where to Go

Equatorial Guinean Embassy in Abuja, Nigeria

Address: 20 Dakala Street, Parakou street, Aminu Kano Crescent WUSE 2, Abuja Nigeria

Tel: (+234) 9-781-6867, (+234) 805-606-3564

Email: [email protected]


Equatorial Guinean Consulate General in Lagos, Nigeria

Address:  Murtala Mohammed Way, Ikoyi, Lagos Nigeria
Tel: (+234) 1 269 12 11, (+234) 1 684976

Equatorial Guinean Consulate General in Calaba

Address: 5 Captain Otu Close, Calabar Nigeria
Tel: (+234) 816 481 5343, (+234) 803 474 5174
Email: [email protected]

For more information and all types of visas, please call or visit the appropriate embassy in  Equatorial Guinea.

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