In case you have been dying to know if your crush likes you, then keep reading to find out some of the apparent signs.


1.Random stares and glances

One of the obvious ways to know if your crush likes you is when you catch them stealing glances at you. If you notice that sometimes your crush randomly stares at you, not once or twice, then that could mean he or she is admiring you and might be interested in you. Keep observing to be very certain.

2. Sends and Responds with long messages

Another way to know if your crush may be interested in you is to observe how long their messages are when you communicate via social media. If you notice that when they send texts and reply to your texts, the words aren’t short, then you should take notes. Most times, it shows that the person wants to extend the conversation because they just enjoy talking to you.

3. Shows interest in your life

In healthy relationships in life like friends or acquaintances, people may not be necessarily interested in specific details of your life. But if the person you like continually wants to know some not so public information in your life like your favorite color, your favorite meal, the names of your siblings, etc. Then your crush just might be interested in you. When you genuinely like someone, you would be interested in almost every detail of their lives.

In addition to that, your crush may even surprise you by telling you details or just responding to more information about your life that you never shared with the person before. It may be your birthday or the color of your eyes; one thing is for sure when someone is very observant of even the tiniest details of your life, then you should take note.

4. Always appreciative

If your crush always shows appreciation for even the littlest things, that might be a sign that he or she is interested in you. Unless, of course, the person does that with everyone else. But naturally, when you like someone, you would always show gratitude even if what the person does is as little and giving them water to drink.

5. Always willing to help

Anyone who is always willing to help you may be interested in you. If you notice that your crush is still ready and willing to lend a helping hand no matter what, then the person might like you. He or she may be trying to impress you with their practical side and just show you that they care enough about you to be available to help.

6. Can hold long conversations with you

You may have observed that your crush always tries to engage you in long conversations. One usually does not just hold lengthy discussions with just anybody unless they are both the best of friends or something. But if you notice this person just wants to talk to you for periods that can last for about an hour or more, then they’re just might be something there.

7. Asks for your contact details

Asking for your contact may not seem like a visible sign that your crush likes you, anyone can do that. But if this person finally asks for your contact information or suddenly is interested in connecting with you on all your social media platforms after a long time of being friends, then the person may have just gathered the courage to ask you. Observe if they also react positively to what you post on your social media handles.

8. Willingly accepts your invitations

Take note of how your crush is always willing to go to places or do things you invite him or her to do. If someone is into you, most times, they will be ready to go to places with you that they may not even like naturally. But because you are involved, they will not say no to you.

9. Shares secrets with you

When your crush randomly shares secrets about their lives with you, this can be a sign. Even if you two aren’t best of friends, the person may want you to know specific details about their lives because they seek for your opinion and sometimes approval on certain aspects. It also shows they trust you enough to share privileged information with you.

10. Changes mood when you hang out with someone else

Now, this part is also something to pay attention to, how does your crush react whenever he or she sees you in deep conversation or walking side by side with someone else from the opposite sex? If you notice that every time this happens, your crush becomes unusually gloomy and cold, then maybe it is because of you. Other signs of jealousy are when he or she interrupts or joins you; passes by in front of you several times, or walks out or leaves the place.

Finally, never assume that these signs prove that the person likes you. Some people are just lovely and polite to people. So unless the person mentions it to you, don’t only assume from the information you’ve read. Be very sure before jumping into conclusions.

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