Top 5 places to eat in Ibadan

Places to eat in Ibadan

 If you live in Ibadan or you are visiting Ibadan then I am about to lead you to the best-kept secrets of Ibadan, these are the best places to eat in Ibadan. A few new places have beautiful scenery and artworks. A place that I can recommend their food to anybody, anytime and any day.

Top 5 places to eat in Ibadan

Nucleus: If you are looking to recreate the spark in your relationship, or to take that special person somewhere to connect, I suggest visiting Nucleus. This amazing restaurant has successfully created a romantic atmosphere with art and fountains, which many places to eat in Ibadan have failed.  This is a great place for dates, parties and dinners, and much more. I was enchanted by not only the amazing food but the amazing surroundings as well.

Tulip Grill:  Do you love the amazing flavours and smell of grilled food? If you are like me and cannot get enough of it. Then you need to visit Five continent Ibadan, they have your back because their food is amazing. They have large portions for their platters and it is very affordable.

Vibe Lounge:  If you are looking for a temporary getaway filled with mocktails and cocktails why not visit the vibe Lounge, The lounge is strictly by invitation. The whole experience was amazing, from the music, to the food and right down to the drinks. Its the best place to celebrate with friends over milestones and achievements.

Three dragons Chinese:  I am yet to meet anyone who does not like the colourful and rich flavours of Chinese food. There is no better comfort food than ribs with friend spaghetti and shredded beef (In my humble opinion).

Pacific Lounge: Looking for a fun and chill place to hang out? Then try the pacific lounge. The music, food and drinks will definitely get you to start singing their praises.

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